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When you’re ready to release your timeshare, you probably want to waste no time in getting the process underway. However, racing to find a quick exit for your property can lead you to the wrong solution. Instead of finding a professional to assist in your timeshare relief, you may wind up dealing with a scammer.

Unscrupulous individuals and companies prey on timeshare owners eager to find a property release. They understand that you’re financially motivated to get out from under your timeshare and will use that to their advantage. To make matters worse, it can be difficult to distinguish between a scammer and a reputable exit group that’s capable of helping. Taking a close look at who you’re dealing with and specifically what they tell you should provide some insight into their legitimacy.

Everything You Pay

A common reason for seeking a timeshare release is that it has become a financial burden. Even after you pay off the property, you’re still left with the associated taxes, maintenance fees, resort costs; as well as any special assessment fees. The combined total of all these charges may simply be too much for you.

Regardless of the financial strain, a reputable timeshare exit company will advise you that during your property release, you will need to continue paying all of the associated fees. Failing to do so can result in collection activity from the resort and possible damage to your credit. In addition to explaining what you need to continue paying your resort, there will also be the matter of how you will pay the company for processing your timeshare release.

The fee charged by a reputable timeshare exit group should be all-inclusive, covering services for the life of your agreement (until your release is finalized). Any additional charges that may spring up during the exit process should be covered by the company. There should be no hidden charges and if the company does not complete the work, a refund should be issued for any fee you’ve paid.

Timing Counts

Since time may be another source of urgency, you may seek a timeshare exit company that promises a fast solution. However, this is your first warning sign that the business you’re dealing with isn’t legitimate. A timeshare exit may take months or even a year to process; information you receive to the contrary is in error.

A disreputable company will urge you to sign with them quickly, to take advantage of resale solutions that are soon to expire. They may also insist that you pay for the full amount of the service up front, to ensure you don’t miss an opportunity. High-pressure tactics such as these are intended for you to make a snap decision, spending money rather than time to learn more about the company you’re dealing with.

The Contract

Like the agreement associated with your timeshare property, an exit solution should come with its own written contract. You’ll want to make sure this document lists the specific steps the exit company will take to release your property, the total cost for the service, a comprehensive explanation of what guarantee is provided, and your recourse for having problems resolved. Bottom line, what is the exit company’s responsibility if they do not complete your timeshare release?

A reputable company will not simply make verbal assurances and should have no problem producing a client list for you to contact regarding previous resolutions. It goes without saying that you should thoroughly vet any timeshare exit company you’re considering, with a focus on experience and client satisfaction. This research will be worth your while and answer any lingering questions about a timeshare release group’s integrity.

If you want to learn more about your options for timeshare relief, contact Celebration Resort Relief. You’ll receive no charge for the consultation and all information is kept strictly confidential. There’s no reason you can’t have an affordable timeshare exit while avoiding a scam disguised as a solution.

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