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The idea of paying to get out of a property you don’t want seems counterintuitive. When it comes to property ownership, you tend to think about turning a profit; choosing the best time to sell to make sure it’s worth your while. But when you have a timeshare, the rules of buying and selling work very differently than with any other type of investment.

By now, you no doubt realize that having a timeshare isn’t an investment at all. You may even have experience trying to sell the interval, with little success. Since the resale market is awash with timeshare owners willing to sell for literally pennies on the dollar, it can seem like an impossible task to release your property.

You may decide to explore your options for a professional timeshare exit service. If so, there are a couple of important details to consider when it comes to how you pay for such a service – specifically upfront. While many exit companies are legitimate, there are some that will charge you vast sums to do little at all.

The Service

Timeshare exit companies – the reliable ones – are like any other type of specialized service, in that you pay to have your issue resolved by seasoned professionals with time and resources you may not possess. When it comes to how you pay for such a service, the specific details of your agreement are all that matter. The company you’re dealing with should provided you with a comprehensive, written explanation of what they will do to help you exit your timeshare.

The service should include a guarantee that if the company doesn’t meet the contract agreement, they will absorb the cost – not you. The total amount charged for this service should encapsulate the full range of tasks the company will perform in order to resolve your timeshare liquidation to completion. Here again, the service agreement will stipulate what you’re paying for, from the first step forward.

Paying Upfront

In all likelihood, the timeshare release group you employ will request for a portion of the total fee upfront, and provide an explanation of what this cost will cover. From the company’s standpoint, they want to ensure that they will not perform work for which they will not get paid. A reputable timeshare exit company will offer some guarantee, perhaps with a time limit, that addresses your recourse if you are unsatisfied and need a full or partial refund.

Red Flags

While you can quickly identify a scam company by doing a little research beforehand, there are some common red flags that will go up when you’re talking with one about payments. First, the company should never insist on paying the full service fee upfront. Also, you should not be paying for the group to simply post your timeshare on their website, or some other third party sales platform. If the company cannot provide you with a written agreement with an explanation of the services – and a legal guarantee – you’ll want to continue looking for your timeshare exit solution.

Final Thoughts

Deciding to seek a timeshare release professional ultimately comes down to time and money. If you do not have the financial ability to continue paying the resort fees and associated property costs – and don’t have the time to negotiate a timeshare exit yourself – finding a qualified professional may be your best option. Celebration Resort Relief offers a no-cost consultation to help you understand your timeshare exit options. Before you pay for your timeshare release, make certain that you know exactly what you’re getting.

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