What Are Clients Saying About Us?

“About 20 years ago, I bought my first timeshare. I enjoyed them until I became a number. The decision to travel less is upon me and we decided to let go of our timeshares. I will never forget the sweetest southern voice, of who I now call my Angel, Donna, spent numerous hours explaining the whole situation in detail, and the whole time all you see was a genuine, caring person. We are now free of the maintenance fee and all timeshares. We will always be thankful for that phone call, and her help, in a difficult situation.”Judy & Frank H. Indianapolis
Judy & Frank H. Indianapolis
“I wish I had never gotten into a timeshare in the first place. It was the most horrible choice that I have ever made. The employee who helped me was Donna. I am so thankful to her helping my husband and I get rid of it. She is so wonderful and amazing. She made me a promise and stuck to her word.”Shelby W. Missouri
Shelby W. Missouri
“During mine and my wife’s honeymoon, we got sucked into going to a timeshare meeting. Needless to say, the promises made there were not what we got. After years of high fees and never being able to get into the resort when we wanted to, we wanted to get out because we couldn’t use it. One day, I checked my mail and found out I could get out of my timeshare. So, I called and spoke to a lady named Donna, and was already feeling better about things after a few minutes. The day we got the call from her personally that we are no longer owned the timeshare, we knew she was our saving grace. Thank you, Donna, for sticking to your word and getting us out of this timeshare!”Joe U. Tennessee
Joe U. Tennessee

Timeshare Scams in the News

Couple Goes To Wyndham Timeshare Meeting, Unknowingly Gets $15K Line Of Credit

Did something like this happen to you? Celebration Resort Relief can help. If your timeshare contract is paid in full, we can legally and permanently stop maintenance fees and resort fees forever. Call Now (888) 346-6443.

20/20 Investigates Timeshare Sales Misrepresentation Fraud

Celebration Resort Relief helps consumers cancel their paid in full timeshares. If you’ve been burdened by escalating maintenance fees and resort fees and are tired of paying for something you no longer need or use, we can help. Contact one of our specialists today by calling (888) 346-6443.

Orange Lake Fraud Alert Timeshare Scam Warning

Don’t continue to be a victim of a timeshare scam. If your timeshare is paid in full and you want out, we can help. Call us today to get started,(888) 346-6443.

Wyndham Timeshare Scam Warning

Unfortunately, many resort developers use unethical sales practices to lure in new buyers. At Celebration Resort Relief, our team legally and permanently rids you of your timeshare contract. (888) 346-6443.

Westgate Timeshare Scam

If you have been the victim of a timeshare scam and want help, call us today. Celebration Resort Relief is here for you every step of the way during the timeshare exit process.